Get the BEST from the BEST – affordably.

Any business considering their next marketing and advertising campaign should seriously consider a collaborative freelance agency. Freelance agencies who collaborate, do not have to consider overhead the costs of employee benefits packages, commercial rent, ping pong tables, oversized fish tanks, and utilities when constructing their proposals to potential clients.

The fact is, companies hiring large design agencies pay more, and that doesn’t necessarily mean getting better service or more creative work.


Create collaboratively through direct contact.

When working with larger agencies, established hierarchical systems typically separate the client from the “creatives”. Larger agencies assign account managers who oversee the process on behalf of the client. If the client had anything to say it would be passed through the account manager, allowing opportunities for the request to be altered and not quite what the client might be seeking.

At Invoke Media Group, we collaborate with our clients and our talented agency pool using Basecamp. Basecamp in a project management system that “organizes your projects, internal communications, and client work – in one space – so you have a central source of truth”. – Basecamp

Your talent won’t be a small cog in a large machine.

Freelance agencies who collaborate love the excitement of starting a new project, the direct contact they get with clients and taking ownership of their specialty – when working on a project. Freelance agencies collaborating provide a sense of satisfaction and motivation that is unique and results in great work. All collaborators stay inspired and are happy because they are doing what they love and a good at – making for more creativity.

You’ll also find that independent creative talent collaborating with other agencies work on a much wider variety of projects. This staves off formulaic marketing and advertising efforts as our talented freelancers are challenged to work with so many types of products and brands.

BE the most important client!

Gone are the days of feeling like a small fish in a big agency. Clients of collaborative efforts often feel like the most important client. The effort and care placed into the work can be directly correlated to talented freelancers doing what they love to do.

No competing with larger clients working with bigger budgets. Freelance collaboration allows for clearly defined budgets to be constructed at the onset. Each agency must submit their own costs for clients to pick and choose up front.

At Invoke Media Group, our clients are the most important client. We have a personal relationship with every client we’ll move heaven and earth for them. After all, their success is ours.



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