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Content Writing

So You Think You’re Writing effective web content? THINK AGAIN!


Writing web content that converts prospects into customers is an art. What most businesses fail to appreciate is that web content is distinctly different from any other kind of advertising copywriting or offline marketing communication. Although distinctly different from advertising copy, web copy has the same objective – generate leads, increase customer base and consequently sales. When you write your web content, do you come up with an amazing concept that will result in success? […] Read more…

Does your Digital Marketing Speak Web Speak?


What is web speak? Web speak is a craft with principle and methods that have little to do with grammar and mechanics and everything to do with identifying and meeting your readers need. Web speak is writing with a consistent style and clear sense of purpose. Most simply: Web speak is copy that is written to address your reader’s needs and support your business goals. Why does web speak matter? When you are trying to […] Read more…