Social Media Strategies

Social Media Is Not Magic.


Social Media is in the eye of the beholder. Some businesses see it as the singular solution for their marketing needs, a magic wand that will magically convert prospects into leads. Others see it as a fad, a nuisance, a medium to only engage with grudgingly. The truth lies in the middle. Social Media is […] Read more…

Are You AFRAID of Being Heard on Social Media Platforms?

social media platforms

Case Study: Starbucks social media backlash. The number one concern my clients have when it comes to social media is the potential BACKLASH they can suffer as a result of posting the wrong message. Remember last year’s Holiday cup? Starbucks went with an ALL RED cup instead of a cup that reflected “Christianity” in an […] Read more…

Creating and Measuring An Effective Social Media Plan


Social Media Marketing has taken wind because it levels the playing field for large and small corporations alike. This has left several old school marketers and business executives wondering ‘how do you combine the timeless principles of marketing with the latest social media platforms?’ To answer this question, it helps to have a knowledge of […] Read more…

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