Small Business Owner Juggling Multiple Tasks
Guest Post | Tina Martin, Ideainspired

All small business owners can agree on one thing: they wear many hats, often all at once. However, trying to juggle everything simultaneously often means leaving some tasks undone. Reasons ranging from lack of time or the sheer fact that some tasks just are not fun. Quite possibly, the inability to complete some tasks the right way can be a deterrent. This form of business self-sabotage is a bad habit small business owners need to break. Outsourcing is the solution.

Job boards such as Upwork can connect small business owners with reliable worldwide freelancers who are capable of accomplishing a wide array of tasks and jobs. Below are four jobs that should be considered for outsourcing.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is one area that no small business owner should be skimping on. Graphic design is used to not only attract but keep target audiences engaged. Good graphic design establishes credibility, sets businesses apart from the competition, and communicates a brand’s story in a manner that portrays feelings and emotion. With online job boards, it’s easy to find a designer who meets your expectations, time frame, and budget. Just be sure to check out their portfolio and read their reviews. A graphic designer is a great person to hire to enhance your website, create a sleek logo, or just create a uniform/branded design for your small business.

Data/Cyber Security

Small businesses tend to have a false sense of security when it comes to cybersecurity. According to research conducted by 4iQ, cyber attacks shifted their target to small businesses, resulting in a 424 percent increase in data/security breaches from 2018 to 2019. Most small businesses lack the funds required to recover lost data, nor do they possess the experience, and knowledge necessary to get business up and running without suffering major losses. Backups, updates, and enhanced security measures are all great ways to fight back, but if you’re a victim, it’s best to call in a data recovery company so you can get back on your feet again without a huge loss of money.


Bookkeeping is a MUST HAVE. In addition to being extremely time-consuming, bookkeeping is stressful. There are often mistakes that can lead to nasty IRS calls and the threat of fees, potential audits, and fines. Why spend hours making sense of debits and credits that an experienced bookkeeper can accomplish in less than 30 minutes? Having outside help in this area not only helps to maintain cash flow but ensures correct tax filings, that are paid on time. Bear in mind that a bookkeeper can be an actual person you hire (and visit). However, a more common way to get your finances in order is with accounting software such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, or Wave.

Social Media

Yes, we all know how to Tweet and share photos on our personal social media accounts like a champ, but business social media is a completely different ballgame. Active social media accounts are a valuable communication tool, enabling businesses to connect with customers instantly while gathering data to better understand/adapt to their consumers’ needs and habits. Using Facebook to announce sales and promotions, provide info on new products, or resolve customer issues while utilizing Twitter to announce sales, contests, product promotions, or just to post a funny thought related to your business or industry is wise. Factor in the importance of Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube, that is a lot to juggle. Thankfully, there are social media management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Buffer to manage all your social media accounts, schedule posts, run social media ads, and provide instant monitoring and reports. Combine these tools with an agency, and you have hit the jackpot.

While wearing many hats, is part of the territory of being a small business owner, it is okay to take a few off. You can’t possibly do everything. We suggest you try some of these technology resources to lighten your load, increase productivity, and enhance business success. Challenge yourself by finding more ways to outsource, and then watch as your business begins to shine!


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