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Creating and Measuring An Effective Social Media Plan


Social Media Marketing has taken wind because it levels the playing field for large and small corporations alike. This has left several old school marketers and business executives wondering ‘how do you combine the timeless principles of marketing with the latest social media platforms?’ To answer this question, it helps to have a knowledge of […] Read more…

Email Marketing – A Second Coming of Age


Today I stumbled across a Facebook page. A member posted the following questions regarding the power of email. I wanted to offer up the following feedback with hopes that the member will find my response useful. #1 Is email marketing still a useful outlet? Email marketing is a top source of data for analytics. That’s right – […] Read more…

Why Should ANY Business Care About Social Media?


Social media has become dominant, not only in life but in business. YouTube is second only to Google when it comes to search. Nine-thousand one-hundred Tweets happen per second. Three new members join LinkedIn every two seconds. Facebook is the third largest country (behind India and China) with eighteen percent of all internet users on […] Read more…