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Straight Up Social Media Talk


Do you even know WHY you want Social Media Traffic to your site? How many times have I heard the following statement or something very close to it? Nicole – I am not even sure social media is working for me. I feel as if I am all over the place, I am allocating a TON […] Read more…

Content is the MOST Powerful of all Super Heros


Content is STILL the number ONE most important aspect of any digital marketing effort. When I say CONTENT, I mean actual text on a screen or paper. That is right. We all know that adding video and photos will increase the click-through rates. However, there needs to be a STORY behind the audio and visual. […] Read more…

SIZE DOES MATTER, In Website Design


Mobile Technology is revolutionizing how we market, communicate and advertise our products and services to the consumer. Currently, 62% of consumers are purchasing goods via mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly? When I say mobile ready, I am not referring merely to whether or not your website is designed to fit all screens. That […] Read more…

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