Social Media

Why Social Media Sucks


Why does social media marketing suck? For the record, I incorporated the name of a controversial political candidate in my title for the sole purpose of getting attention. I also used his name to get “found” in Google search. Donald Trump really has nothing to do with this article. But the rule of attaching one’s social […] Read more…

Straight Up Social Media Talk


Do you even know WHY you want Social Media Traffic to your site? How many times have I heard the following statement or something very close to it? Nicole – I am not even sure social media is working for me. I feel as if I am all over the place, I am allocating a TON […] Read more…

Creating and Measuring An Effective Social Media Plan


Social Media Marketing has taken wind because it levels the playing field for large and small corporations alike. This has left several old school marketers and business executives wondering ‘how do you combine the timeless principles of marketing with the latest social media platforms?’ To answer this question, it helps to have a knowledge of […] Read more…

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