Do you even know WHY you want Social Media Traffic to your site?

How many times have I heard the following statement or something very close to it?

Nicole – I am not even sure social media is working for me. I feel as if I am all over the place, I am allocating a TON of resources to “be social”, and despite my efforts – I am not feeling the impact through increased visitors to my place of business nor website.

If that is not a clear argument to NOT BE SOCIAL, then I do not know what is! If I were a business owner and putting all sorts of time, energy and money into a marketing tactic that bore no results, I too would question my sanity.


So, let’s talk STRAIGHT UP Social Media. No sugar coating allowed!

For starters, people should understand that SOCIAL MEDIA is only one of THREE pieces of the DIGITAL MARKETING puzzle. (SEO and content marketing are the other two and we will discuss those in a later article.)

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Social media marketing is the art of tapping into the conversations that happen on social networks for marketing purposes.

The intent of social media is to generate web traffic from social networks back to your website. You create ‘content’ (hopefully eye-catching content) – in the form of a photo, video, or blog – and you share it on social media with a hyperlink back to your own website for visitors to LEARN MORE.

This is spectacular traffic generation . . . but only when you are offering a product or service that someone is interested in! So, understanding your target market is a MUST when selecting WHERE to share your ads. Do your due diligence and conduct some research. Have a solid understanding that your offer is appropriately aimed at those who have expressed an interest. If your aim is off, you will completely miss the ‘target’.

If your aim is off, you will completely miss the ‘target’.

Social media marketing is about providing VALUE to your target market.

When fulfilling a need through your product or service, you must add VALUE in order to make your offer worth consideration.

Consider our case study:

Our client The Friend Ship Friendesha is an adorable children’s book. Our only focus is not just on children’s books. We look to include information relevant to children ages K-2. If we realize in our analytics that most of the buyers are single parents between the ages of 25-30, then we will add articles on dating as a single parent or managing being a single working parent. The objective being to ADD VALUE by keeping the focus on our consumer’s interests.

  • COST EFFECTIVE How many reading this article remember the days of the $8000 print campaign in magazines or newspapers? We won’t even TOUCH on the cost of not only producing but then purchasing time on air or television for a commercial. When comparing to traditional marketing costs – social media is still very effective.
  • MEASURABLE  I know an ad in the New York Times could POTENTIALLY be seen by their massive readership – but do you REALLY know how many actually looked, let alone read it? With tools like SproutSocial, HootSuite and more, you can actually SEE how often your content is being shared, clicked through, etc.
  • TRUSTWORTHY One needs thick skin to be social. If people do not like what you are sharing, they will let you know by either not sharing, unfollowing, or EVEN WORSE – posting their negative sentiments.
  • EASY The ability to generate valuable, relevant content with an ‘edge’ is no simple feat – even for people who consider themselves creative.
  • FAST This is not an overnight get rich quick kind of thing. It takes a commitment of AT LEAST 90 days to start seeing results from your social media initiatives.
  • FREE Whether you are willing to make an investment of time or money (or both), a considerable commitment to either (or both) is NECESSARY to be successful with your social media strategies.

In summary

Social Media is the art of creating valuable content, placing it on your own website and then EFFECTIVELY sharing it with the world.

  • Social media is understanding the direct relationship between providing VALUABLE content and generating traffic to your site.
  • Social media is establishing your business, products or services as an INDUSTRY leader by providing useful, knowledgeable and quality content on your site.
  • Social media is discovering what your audience wants and to providing EXACTLY that.
  • Social media is offering your audience content that is valuable.
  • Social media is understanding your targeted market.
  • Social media is conducting online research BEFORE you become social.

Visit your competition. Find them by looking up keywords relevant to your product and service. Search for your targeted markets online ‘hangouts’. Visit those hangouts and start talking to your targeted audience by sharing your content. Do as I just explained in this article – your content should be worth the look!

To answer the question ‘why use social media marketing?’      . . . Increased traffic means increased exposure opportunities for new business.

If you are not feeling confident that you can do justice to your products or services – when crafting your social media content – CONTACT Invoke Media Group. We are happy to help!



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  1. Reading your blogs are a big pleasure for me! The truly deserve to go viral! You offer REAL CONTENT and insight that is actually informative and extremely useful! I love the way you write and want to encourage you to please keep it up as there are people, like me, who are actually out there listening and learning. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

    • Thank you very much for the acknowledgement that SOMEONE is actually benefiting from my efforts! That is motivation enough for me to keep them coming! I see you signed up for my newsletter too. I will be repurposing some of the blog content in them – and offering some GREAT DEALS for those who are interested in maximizing their return on their digital marketing assets.

    • Thank you Jay! If you have a topic that you would like to learn more – please let me know. I am always happy to educate businessmen and businesswomen further about all things SEO or social media!

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