James Roy Amnott Living by the Rule of SIR

Words of Wisdom From A Wise Man!

For those who are clients of mine, you are aware that my father recently passed. He was a remarkable man of integrity and the world will undoubtedly feel the impact of losing him. Fortunately, he left a legacy of like-minded, salt of the earth, and a compassionate family of witnesses to God. He also left us with the Rule of SIR.

My dad shared this with me just before leaving the hospital. He told me “Nicole, I want to make sure your sons live by the rule of “sir”.

  • Strength: as demonstrated through heart and faith.
  • Integrity: as demonstrated through your performance in work and play.
  • Respect: as earned through your integrity and humility.

My dad said if my sons remember to live by the rule of “SIR”, they will become two fine young gentlemen who can achieve whatever they set out to do.

I am sharing the Rule of SIR with you all today because it is a rule that EVERYONE should strive to live by.

My Dad Lived By the Rule of Sir

He was physically strong as an ox. When I was pregnant with Camaron, he came for a visit to the home my husband and I had recently purchased. There was some landscaping to be done. After 8.5 hours of cutting down trees by hand, with an ax, digging up old roots, raking out years old layers of leaves, and moving boulders – my dad would not let up. I told him maybe he should call it quits. He said, “Nah. So long as there is light, I am going to keep going.” My dad was 65 years old. My 32-year-old husband had already called it quits 3 hours earlier!

My dad was the epitome of integrity. He was an honorable man who lived by a higher code than most. His truthfulness and honesty were such prevalent characteristics of him – that if he gave you his word, it was worth its weight in gold – with interest!

As for respect, my dad both earned and gave it. He was unwavering when it came to standing up for what he believed. Anyone who has had a disagreement with my father knew this about him. But one thing anyone would tell you . . . debating with Jim Amnott meant an honest, open, and respectful dialogue expressing differences of opinion.

. . . Boy did my dad love to debate! (I definitely got that trait from my dad.)

I take comfort knowing my sons will live by the rule of SIR. They spent a good portion of their childhood and teen years watching and observing the BEST role model and witnessing firsthand how one lives by the rule of SIR.

Finally. I’ll never forget the words my dad spoke to me as he walked me down the aisle. He said . . .

Nicole, you are not mine to give away. You were a gift from God. He entrusted me with you and now it is time for your husband to care and cherish you as I always have.

I think my dad got that backward. My dad was a gift from God to me! A gift I got to enjoy for 50 years and will be eternally grateful and am sharing a part with anyone fortunate to read this post. Enjoy!



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