You have created a website and you have applied all of the on-page fundamentals for search engine optimization. You are posting blogs at least 2-3 times per week, you are active on all the social media platforms . . . yet still - you are not getting the ROI for your time/efforts. Have you considered using a white paper as part of your social marketing strategy? What is a white paper? A whitepaper is a
Mobile Technology is revolutionizing how we market, communicate and advertise our products and services to the consumer. Currently, 62% of consumers are purchasing goods via mobile devices. Is your website mobile friendly? When I say mobile ready, I am not referring merely to whether or not your website is designed to fit all screens. That is responsive website design. I am asking if your site optimized to enhance the mobile user experience? The key feature of a
Social Media Marketing has taken wind because it levels the playing field for large and small corporations alike. This has left several old school marketers and business executives wondering ‘how do you combine the timeless principles of marketing with the latest social media platforms?’ To answer this question, it helps to have a knowledge of the principles of marketing. Marketing is about selling. Every business must have a marketing plan to sell their products or