Content is STILL the number ONE most important aspect of any digital marketing effort. When I say CONTENT, I mean actual text on a screen or paper. That is right. We all know that adding video and photos will increase the click-through rates. However, there needs to be a STORY behind the audio and visual. Videos, photos, and memes are undoubtedly attention grabbers, but the story behind the image is what keeps your audience coming back. Read more...Read More
Developing your brand’s message in a way that will establish your organization as the industry leader. Assisting your organization with finding a niche market that you can call your own. Creating an even playing field for your brand that emphasizes your brand strengths. It’s what we do! To successfully distinguish your brand and create content that converts, we first need to ‘discover’ your story. Authenticity is crucial when telling your story. That is why we Read more...Read More
You have created a website and you have applied all of the on-page fundamentals for search engine optimization. You are posting blogs at least 2-3 times per week, you are active on all the social media platforms . . . yet still – you are not getting the ROI for your time/efforts. Have you considered using a white paper as part of your social marketing strategy? What is a white paper? A whitepaper is a Read more...Read More