Branding is the single most important element to marketing. Any company or organization that wishes for longevity must successfully brand itself. Consumers do not merely purchase products or items, they are purchasing your brand. What does this mean? It means that consumers are buying your image, reputation, and the experience they get when selecting your brand. Today, more than ever, consumers are turning to the internet to research products when making purchasing decisions. Your website Read more...Read More
Why does social media marketing suck? For the record, I incorporated the name of a controversial political candidate in my title for the sole purpose of getting attention. I also used his name to get “found” in Google search. Donald Trump really has nothing to do with this article. But the rule of attaching one’s social media strategy to a current event or trending topic does apply. So, let’s get to the discussing why social media Read more...Read More
Repurposing Useful Content Strategy Marketing Tips Oftentimes, it takes hours to research and summarize your understanding of the information you just consumed. Combined with a busy workflow and putting to practice what you preach – this daunting task is not always possible. However, as a digital marketing expert, my priority is to continue to provide/share useful content marketing information. In my research, I came across this useful article, “Developing A Content Strategy”. It was published Read more...Read More