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Case Study: Starbucks social media backlash. The number one concern my clients have when it comes to social media is the potential BACKLASH they can suffer as a result of posting the wrong message. Remember last year's Holiday cup? Starbucks went with an ALL RED cup instead of a cup that reflected "Christianity" in an effort to include all religious ideologies. Shortly after releasing the all-red cups, there were over 9 million internet posts and broadcasts
Do you even know WHY you want Social Media Traffic to your site? How many times have I heard the following statement or something very close to it? Nicole - I am not even sure social media is working for me. I feel as if I am all over the place, I am allocating a TON of resources to "be social", and despite my efforts - I am not feeling the impact through increased visitors to
Conventional marketing wisdom says a brand must engage, an average of 8-11 times, with their target market before they will make a purchasing decision. That is a lot of 'reach out and touch someone' (thank you Ma Bell) moments of creativity that agencies and marketing experts need to foster. Even for the BEST of them, this is not a simple task. Content development, creativity, and an ability to see a product differently are just a