Happy to announce our OFFICIAL collaboration with LTI Business Solutions to help promote CannaCon. Invoke Media Group and LTI Business Solutions recently collaborated on introducing on the nations LARGEST cannabis industry expo event into Boston, Massachusetts.  The combined efforts of the two agencies made this event a massive success – offering the Boston cannabis growers and distributors an opportunity to meet with local legislators, bankers, investors, industry leaders, and even former branding and marketing expert for Read more...Read More
Women can pretty much manage anything in this world. Given the fact that they can run a household with rowdy children by themselves, or tame a roomful of teenagers in a classroom – managing a business looks like a walk in the park. It’s not surprising that women can take the helm of different business ventures, and not just home-based businesses. Historically, men have accepted women in business, but their acceptance was focused on support based Read more...Read More
Social Media is in the eye of the beholder. Some businesses see it as the singular solution for their marketing needs, a magic wand that will magically convert prospects into leads. Others see it as a fad, a nuisance, a medium to only engage with grudgingly. The truth lies in the middle. Social Media is a tool. It’s a megaphone. It’s a comment card. It’s a round table. It’s a billboard. It’s a coffee shops Read more...Read More