Google has made the life of a website and content developer rather interesting. In order to stay within their rules for SEO, we want to write up the required 300-word page. We want to saturate our content with 3% of the keyword . . . in this case Graphic Design.

That being said, there is a time and a place for an extensive foray into all that we have done and will do. We can offer piles of information here – describing each project we have worked on. We can go into the detail concerning the thought process behind each project. But then we would cease to be a resource and would instead amass into being a burden for newcomers.

So instead, we are going to merely lay the ground work. ¬†Instead of making a list of every step performed on each project, we choose to stir you into action. We’d rather give you some things to look at and then inquire further – by making a phone call.

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