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Today I stumbled across a Facebook page. A member posted the following questions regarding the power of email. I wanted to offer up the following feedback with hopes that the member will find my response useful.

#1 Is email marketing still a useful outlet?

Email marketing is a top source of data for analytics.

That’s right – email is not only a powerful channel on its own. The data gathered from email marketing helps power other marketing efforts by providing actionable data insights.

Email marketing is the driving force behind content.

Customers can be alerted of in-store sales, even as they enter your place of business. This is a win-win because they like to save money when they shop. And guess what – they’re shopping in your store because your last minute promotion just pinged across their phone! Consumers also like emails that educate and engage them. Emails push content by . . .

  • Informing someone about your latest post.
  • Reminding someone of an interesting social-media message.
  • Alerting someone when a webinar is about to start.
  • Warning someone about an approaching deadline on an offer.

Email marketing builds lasting relationships.

Sending an email is a great way to stay in touch with your clients. Send good tidings and special promotions for important events, such as birthdays and holidays. Add a personal touch by making your messages whimsical or slightly humorous.

#2 How can I send email without coming off as spammy?

Everyone does not hate getting email – just the ones we don’t want to read. Follow these four steps and you will surely generate emails that people will want to read.

  • Raise awareness. (Inform customers about a product or service.)
  • Stimulate a desire for acquisition. (Tell them where and how to get said products or services.)
  • Guide the reader toward conversion. (Transform prospects into customers by offering incentive for them to act.)
  • Create customer retention. (Offer them related products and services.)

Now – go email like a BOSS!



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