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Video Game Technology is Not Just for Gaming Anymore

Family Playing A Video Game

Applying virtual simulation technology into day-to-day marketing and operations is a subject matter; both LTI Business Solutions and Invoke Media Group will be delving deeply into for 2020.  Who Would Have Thought My Son’s Gaming Addiction Might Pave the Road For His and Everyone’s Future? From making informed decisions for flying a commercial airline during a storm to properly […] Read more…

Kick off 2020 With the Right Home Office

Home Office Set Up

Guest Author: Tina Martin | Image via Unsplash Is Your Home Office Ready for A Productive 2020? It is the New Year! If you’re fortunate enough to work from home, you understand the importance of having a dedicated home office that allows you to be productive. In fact, the ability to create your own workspace […] Read more…

Voice Search Should Be Your Primary SEO Strategy for 2020

Voice Search for SEO

Voice Search is changing the way Google is Handling Its Search Queries Bluetooth technology has elevated the need for voice search. Consumers are using voice assistants as a faster and simpler way to complete everyday activities. Gone are the days of seeking answers through search queries by typing in keywords. Technological advances allow users to […] Read more…

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